What are the Goals and Objectives of AFDIA?

(1) To identify and address mental, physical, spiritual and social injustice and deprivation here at home, in this state (Minnesota), and in developing countries internationally, including Ethiopia in particular e.g.-Focus on solving the three key basic and interrelated problems of the society, namely health, education (informal for refugee oromo children in Afaan oromoo in the developed world and formal in developing world), and livelihood, with major emphasis on children, youth and women.

(2) To feed and financially support those in Minnesota, Ethiopia, and other areas where we see people in need. For example, Supplementary feeding programs as needed, depending on a place & condition. This will be done by establishing a joint effort with potential donors as needed.

(3) To support  financially the Promotion of Three Angels Message  Ministry ( 3AMM) ,school (Informal in Afaan  Oromoo) and church development  in USA and beyond  including  Ethiopia ,wherever our capacity can reach through fundraising program. Additionally to promote the distribution of the Oromiffa Holy Bible to those who are interested in reading and understanding, the Holy Bible in the Oromo language.               

Informal Oromo language education

1.Students at class sites

2.Tutor at the main center

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his (own) language that goes to his heart."
-- Nelson Mandela