AFDIA (Agape Family Development International Association) is a non-profit, religious -based International association organized exclusively for physical, mental, social and spiritual service. It initiates and encourages each and every one in the family member needs to be developed as far as physical, mental, social and spiritual issues are concerned. This is why AFDIA embraces dealing with the improvement of the welfare of children, youth and women, in particular.

It has a legal recognition from the Secretary of State of Minnesota as a registered non-profit

Organization under the laws of Minnesota treated as a tax- exempt organization (501(c) (3)).

The model of a well-developed family resulted from proper preparation of mothers and fathers to fully dedicate their lives to the training of their children to be faithful to God and

to fellowships in order to create healthy societies around the world, i.e., to prepare their children to be faithful citizens to their God, as well as to their human governments on earth.

What is the Mission of AFDIA?
AFDIA is a nonprofit religious-based association with a mission to identify and address mental, physical, spiritual and social injustice and deprivation here at home, in this state, and in developing countries internationally.

What is the Vision of AFDIA?
AFDIA has a vision of developing uprightness and skillfulness in every family member. This will be done through developing Heart in agape and uprightness, Head in academic knowledge and wisdom and Hand in manual skill activities. This will be a process of continual training, using Trainers of Trainers volunteers (T.O.T .V.) until their capacity is fully built up, to the highest level that God wants human beings to reach. We hope to be able to offer the needed services to complicated families under any circumstances.

Heart in agape and uprightness

Head in academic knowledge and wisdom

Hand in manual skill activities