What are the programs and activities of AFDIA?

The major activities that AFDIA undertakes at present are as follows:

1) To identify and address mental, physical, spiritual and social injustice and deprivation here at home, in this state, and in developing countries internationally. For example, focus on solving the three key basic and interrelated problems of the society, namely health, education, and livelihood, with major emphasis on children, youth and women.

  • A.Support of Children

    1. Develop an informal education system for them which fits their present geographical conditions, i.e. informal education system for developed countries and online and informal tutoring systems using modern computer technology for developed world immigrant children in order to build up their capacity to read and write. While doing so, to offer them basic counseling, which will help them to know how to become real men and women. To create healthy, happy and productive societies wherever our capacity can reach.

    2. Search for sponsors for needy children to give them educational opportunity: To financially support them in order to keep them active in their school, and living with their own family during their 1st -12th grades. Additionally, find sponsors to financially support them as they pursue a college degree.

    3. Perform the necessary assessments to find means of Rehabilitation and reunification of displaced and street children, and then present their cases to an organization which mainly focuses on this issue.

  • B. Youth support

    1. Follow the steps that are listed above, under No 2- A 1-4, but adjust the specifics     based on their age /maturity.

    2. Organize trainers of trainers, who will have the potential to promote the above    listed development strategic plan, after they receive proper training on how to become a faithful and productive citizen of the USA, and replicate the same principle around the world.

  • C. Support of Women

    1.Provide for them basic and professional counseling for those who are in a crisis, mental, physical, spiritual or social, in order to help them to be free from unwanted depression under any circumstances.

    2. Provide for them preventive health services through health education targeting HIV.

    3. Provide for them a message of hope from the word of God as needed.

    4. Search for sponsors for needy women to support them in their education, in particular   in the area of technology, such as computer, printing and related activities, to support spiritual literature, as well as a traditional and online educational system wherever needed, i.e. for immigrants and for those at home. 

    5. Small scale and handicraft technology training for women such as weaving, etc. training, especially in the developing world.

2) To feed and financially support those in Minnesota, Ethiopia, and other areas where we see people in need. For example, Supplementary feeding programs as needed, depending on a place & condition. This will be done by establishing a joint effort with potential donors as needed.
Who finances AFDIA?
  • Members’ contributions and fees in the form of monetary value and in kind as well as volunteering where needed, i.e. free man power in support of various programs.
  • Donations from benevolent donors, in cash and in kind
  • Fundraising events.


Eligibility for membership: The application for voting membership of the association shall be open to all above age 18. Additionally, applicants must apply voluntarily and support the purpose statement in Article I, Section 2, and be willing to contribute financial, material, labor and moral/spiritual support for the development of the association, and be involved in promoting welfare and self-help development, by the majority decision of the general assembly. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues .All memberships shall be granted upon a majority vote of the board.

Rights of members: Each member shall be eligible to appoint one voting representative to cast the member’s vote in the association election.